What you need to know about Air BnB guests

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Many New Zealanders are taking the leap and inviting guests into their home sight unseen.  A recent NZ Herald piece on AirBnB life-stylers highlighted just how common this has become.

We all know the obvious expectations, i.e. clean sheets, bathroom, guest towels and a good old Kiwi Welcome but what are the things we neglect to consider.

Creating Space

With extra guests passing through we need to create a space that has been decluttered and is tranquil for our guests.  If you are considering going down this road, check out your storage options before you work out whether guests in your home are going to add to your lifestyle and income.



Check with your insurance company – we love Braveday for friendly advice whether having paying guests in your home requires extra cover.  Also consider storing any valuables that may be lifted by light fingered guests. 



Write a list of pro’s and con’s and write your Air BnB profile to reflect the type of guest you wish to attract based on this list and stick to it. 

For those choosing to go down this route, you will have the pleasure of providing hospitality to new friends, experiencing different cultures and makings a network of world-wide contacts to visit on travels overseas.