What could Steve Irwin have put in a storage unit?

Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter

We see some weird and fascinating stuff coming through our storage facilities.  Today marks the death of Steve Irwin with a Google doodle being created to honour his life and his efforts to protect wildlife and wild places. 

Steve Irwin Google Doodle

Steve gave us an insight into the world of interesting and often unseen creatures, some of which people will sometimes try and sneak into a storage facility.

So what else can you not put into a storage facility and why?

  • You can store animals that have been taxidermied in New Zealand or passed through MAF in a storage unit, however, it is prudent to store them in a sealed container to protect against any dust or insects that may find their way into a unit.
  • You cannot store any animals or wildlife that has been smuggled into New Zealand as it is both illegal and a huge threat to New Zealand’s biosecurity.  Nor can you store animals that are alive (e.g. budgies in cages) or taxidermied humans.
  • You cannot store goods that are hazardous, flammable or explosive as these are a risk to both other storers and self-storage staff.
  • You cannot store goods that are illegal (e.g. non-registered guns or materials used to manufacture drugs) or stolen items.
  • You cannot store perishable goods (e.g. food) as this both encourages vermin and is a health and safety risk.

If you are ever unsure as to what you can store, get in contact with your storage facility and they will be able to advise you of what you can or cannot store and in some cases recommend some options for you in the case of flammable or perishable goods.

Storage facilities do monitor their cameras and other security systems to ensure the above goods are not bought in to ensure the safety and security of everyone.