Wanting top dollar? Serve up a delicious open home

Self Storage Platter

How To get the top real estate dollar

While serving a spread might not help you sell the worst house in the best street, the promise of good food can attract more buyers and real estate agents. House hunters tend to linger longer in a place with tasty food and drinks.

Some high-end open houses go all out with catered spreads, but some homemade bread and a dish of olives arranged on an attractive table can be equally welcoming -- and easier on your bottom line.

Try these ideas to make buyers feel at home at your open home:



There's nothing more inviting than being able to graze a platter, try a delicious melting piece of New Zealand Cheese on organic stoneground bread, drizzled with some honeycomb and then graze some more!  For those short on time, Sarah Jones at The Platter Collective is doing real estate platters that will keep your open home buyers coming back for more. 

Tip:  Place the platter in the best room in the house, the room that sells the rest.  This may be outside, figure out what works for you.

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Chocolate Brownies

 Brownies are one of those amazing foods you can make in minutes and leave in the oven while you are doing last minute cleaning and flower arrangements.  Place on your prettiest plate, sprinkle with some icing sugar and you have yourself a winner.  We make often make ours gluten and nut free just in case.   

Chocolate Brownies Spacemax Self Storage




Chocolate Chip Biscuits

 The other big favourite, kids small and big love them, if they are freshly baked the smell is irresistible.  Pull them out of the oven just before the open home begins and the scent will infuse your open home.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Spacemax



 Ham and Cheese Finger Sandwiches

Use the best-smoked ham, gouda cheese (Sabato, Farro Fresh and Eurodell on Lincoln Road, Henderson all have great selections) and artisan bread (we love Wild Wheat) you can afford and garnish with some watercress or rocket. 

Tip: Provide appetizer-sized plates to prevent carpet crumbs around the food area, and place a trash can prominently by the refreshment table to discourage house hunters from snacking as they peek around.


Gourmet Ham and Cheese Sandwiches Self Storage


 We have tried all of these out on our customers who have storage units with us, and the feedback has been fantastic!