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Small Business Start Up

Is your house like so many others that are running small business operations from their homes?  Is every spare table, and room covered with paperwork and orders and stacked high with stock and boxes – just in case?

 It may be time to move to a more professional location like an office or a warehouse, but maybe before making that significant investment, taking out a lease and adding to the ever-increasing overhead, it may be more logical to lease a storage unit first.  It is less costly and will still give you both the physical space and more importantly the mental headspace you need. 

 Here are four businesses that run out of Self Storage Units


Trade Me and Facebook Marketplace

Whether you are selling crafts, baby gear, beauty products or any number of other imports on Trade Me, Etsy and Facebook Market Place if you are doing this from home your lounge is probably resembling the warehouse of a freight forwarding company. 

 With the right shelving and set up, a self-storage unit can be used as a photo studio, a place to get some product listings out and, most importantly, a place to store whatever it is you sell.  Many storage facilities offer tea and coffee facilities, a place to sit and use Wifi and that all-important companionship when you need a friendly face.

Service Providers

Those with the skill and the ability to fix just about anything broken need room to operate and even more room to store spare parts and tools that they need to get the job done.

 Storing all these things at home can be disastrous, especially if there are kids who like to borrow everything involved!  A storage unit gives you a space to organise all your parts and tools and a place to work on your projects

Second Hand Furniture Sales

A wet, leaky garage is not the best space to store your antique furniture especially if you intend on selling it.  Storing furniture — especially in the hopes of someday showcasing it for sale requires a larger space like a warehouse floor. If you’re growing slowly, keeping a few select pieces in storage and listing them for sale locally could be the most practical path to operating a second-hand furniture business and developing it into a larger store in the future.

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Direct Sales Businesses

Some of the leading home-based businesses in New Zealand are direct sales businesses including everything from Tupperware and Avon to Enjo and Isagenix.  A storage space gives you the flexibility to hold stock of the most popular items and distribute consistently and if you have a team of consultants a centralised area to receive and distribute stock from without interrupting your home routine.


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