The best ever playlist when you are moving and packing

Even the most organised and motivated of us often need that little extra boost when it comes to packing, moving and storage.   

When it is time for a move and a change well chosen songs can make the process of packing up everything feel like you have you best friend in the room with you urging you to keep going and get it done.

It’s the songs that you turn up the volume too and get you to sing like no one is listening, the songs that make you smile when you are feeling blue and the songs that remind you that your choice was the right one.  

With that in mind we have put together a playlist for you next move.

hit the road jack

The most popular moving song of all time, the lyrics speak for themselves!

We gotta get out of this place

The beat alone just gets you moving with this iconic song.


on the road again

Willie Nelson has the wonderful ability to put a smile on our face as we look forward in life.

bust a move

Getting both the old and young shaking their moves among the packing boxes.

i love to move it move it

One for the kids (and big kids)

WINDs of change

When you are feeling nostalgic and want to pour over those photo albums one more time as you box them up with a glass of wine in hand.

Wake me up when september ends

Another one for the nostalgic moments


Great to unpack, turn up the volume and dance.

 sweet home alabama

Just about there, you are almost home.

Did we miss any?  Let us know so we can add them in!