Rio Olympics, how to create your own games with your used moving boxes

Backyard Olympics


Weekends are cold and frosty at the moment, but the excitement of the Olympic Games is still upon us.  To get the kids (big and little) off the Playstation and outside, here are some great ideas to use up your leftover packing boxes and get moving.  

Giant noughts & crosses

Grab a cardboard box, cut some giant squares, get the kids to paint their giant noughts and crosses on and you have yourself hours of entertainment

Frisbee Toss

 Frisbee Toss


Take aim and toss! This simple game starts with a moving box cardboard box even gets the big kids playing. 1. Cut a rectangular hole on both sides of a cardboard box. You want the hole large enough to comfortably fit your Frisbee.

2. Decorate the box with colorful tape, paper, or paint.

3. Grab a bunch of Frisbees, and off you go!

 Add in some sack races, running races, hopscotch and skipping and you have yourself a mini-olympics and hours of fun.

 For that little bit of extra entertainment, get the kids to build themselves a stadium out of boxes.