Relocating to a new city or country?


Relocating can be stressful, particularly if you are moving out of your current city or moving to a different country.  There are a few tips and tricks we have picked up along the way to make the transition smoother. 

Often during the transition, you may find you have downtime and will need to put your things into a self-storage facility and deciding which one is best will be one of your first considerations.  If you haven’t found a new location where you are going, it can be a great idea to check with your local self-storage facility for recommendations of self-storage facilities where you are relocating to if you need in both places.

Finding a new house will also be a top priority on your list.  If your company is paying for your relocation costs, you may have the added bonus of a few trips to travel to your new location to find housing, schools and other amenities for you and your family.  Having a reliable real estate agent to help you find your new home can be the difference between a stress free move and a disaster.  Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Utilise social media to ask for recommendation from friends and acquaintances.
  • Interview your real estate agents like you would an employee either by phone or skype and find out their past history.
  • Communicate with your real estate agent, let them know dates you will be in town so they can arrange open homes for you.
  • Make a detailed list of requirements that you will not compromise on, e.g. location, schooling, distance to work, population etc.  Also ensure your real estate agent is aware of your price range.
  • Where possible speak to current employees with similar family situations to get an idea of where may be a suitable area for you to move into.
  • If you are able obtain bridging finance to cover mortgages on two properties if there is going to be a crossover between properties.
  • Ask your real estate for lots of pictures inside and out of places which appeal to you so you can remember and make an informed decision if you are only able to view once.
  • If feasible, take the whole family, do some sightseeing, get a feel for the areas you are looking at as you want everyone to adjust to the move easily. 

Lastly, enjoy the new challenges and experiences a different city can offer!!