Protecting your precious items in storage


It is moving day! Your stuff is packed, your boxes are labelled beautifully and of course colour coded and the storage unit has been rented. Then the little devil on your shoulder puts the golli-wobblies up you and the panic sets in - will my stuff be safe in storage?

If you have picked a great self storage facility you are 90% of the way there. The best storage facilities will have the following features (make sure you ask when you call).

  • Individually alarmed units
  • CCTV
  • Security Gates
  • Pin Code Access
  • Great lighting

... the other great news is that storage theft is very rare. However good facilities will insist that you are carrying separate storage insurance. Your household contents cover does not usually cover goods in storage and although can may be able to get policy extension it is usually cheaper and easier to get insurance through the Storage facility you are renting from. Be aware that the facilities insurance will not cover your goods for theft, fire or flooding damage.

To ensure you are fully protected make a list of what is in your storage unit and ask your facility to keep this on record for you. A good facility will do this as a matter of course.


A great lock is a must, most storage facilities sell these or you can bring your own. A tip that has been useful to me was to ensure I had two sets of keys and/or a combination I wouldn't forget.

Locked Self Storage Unit


  • Wrap everything with appropriate packing materials
  • Store fragile items appropriately 
  • Pack clothes and linen with anti-moth inhibitors
  • Pack books flat
  • Thoroughly clean everything, especially food storage items such as refrigerators to protect from rodents


Periodically check your storage unit and the lock, or get a trusted friend or family member to, take insurance out and remember only you have access to your storage unit so staff will not have access and will not be able to check inside.