Not all boxes are created equal, which packaging is best to use when storing?

storage boxes

It seems like a no brainer ... you are going to store your possessions, you need boxes and crates to store them in.  If you have great quality boxes and packaging it is as simply as it sounds, but BEWARE, not all boxes are created equal.

Those banana boxes from the local supermarket may sound like a good idea at the time, but they are not really suitable for the task, the bottoms fall out regularly, the contents are not protected and if you are going to leave it in even the cleanest facility, over time you will get dust in there too.

wardrobe boxes large

Round boxes are another pitfall, they look beautiful when stacked on shelves as a display, but for practical purposes when storing, they are going to take up a lot of space in your storage unit and leave you with big gaps you have paid for and can't fill.   

Whenever possible, use new boxes.  Old and recycled boxes are less stable than new ones and the more they are handled the worse the problem becomes.  It may seem like an extra expense but buying purpose made boxes can save you long term when it comes to keeping your possessions safe and unbroken.