Nelson Fires what happens to the Self Storage Facilities and peoples possessions?

Nelson Fires


It is heartbreaking watching from afar and seeing the uncontrolled fires burning through Nelson tearing apart peoples homes, livelihoods and sentimental possessions.


The only saving grace so far has been that all human lives are safe and right now we must hold on to that.  


We have had a few of our customers ask what would happen if this was to occur in Auckland and at this point, we do not know if any Self Storage facilities in Nelson have succumbed to the fires but we can leave you with this advice.


  • When storing keep a full inventory of all of your goods in storage wherever possible take photos and keep it in a safe place such as the cloud.  Google Drive is good for this, it is free and always accessible.

  • Always, always insure everything in storage.  Either purchase insurance through your storage facility or ring your insurance provider to ensure that your home and contents insurance covers you whilst in storage.  Home and Contents insurance does not automatically cover goods in storage unless your insurer has been notified.

  • Many self-storage facilities do not require customers to carry insurance, at Spacemax we do for the simple reason that if there was a fire your goods would not be covered by our insurance.  This is true of EVERY self-storage facility.

  • Ensure you have a copy of your storage agreement, preferably a digital copy as your insurance companies will require this.  


Our thoughts are with everyone in Nelson and we hope that the fires are soon under control and all people stay safe.