Moving with Pets?

Moving Pets

Moving houses doesn’t just affect people, it can have a major impact on our four-legged furry friends as well. 

We see it every day in the storage and moving industry, wonderful people turning up with their beloved pets all unsettled and anxious – they sense something is going on and their owners end up with additional pressures. 

To decrease your pets anxiety levels consider following this step by step strategy to get your pet ready for moving day, and acclimatised to a new environment.

Check their Identification tags:

Ensure that they are registered with the city council they will be moving to and are micro-chipped.  Also ensure that all tags are secured properly and the contact information is current. 

Most pet lovers already do so, but, keep a current picture in your wallet.  If for any reason your pet disappears while moving, a photograph will make the search much easier and more effective.

If you’re preparing for an international move, check that your pet has all the vaccines and documentation needed for the next country.  It can be worth the investment of engaging a specialist pet moving company such as Air Care Pets, Pet Transport, or Venture Pet


Prepare records and medications

If you are moving veterinarians, ensure you obtain an electronic copy of your pets’ medical records and ensure you have an adequate supply of current medications if you are moving cities and haven’t yet found a new vet. 

A final check-up with your current vet can also give you peace of mind prior to the move. 

Visit the Next Home

Are you moving somewhere close to your current home?

If you are able, take your pets regularly to the new place that you will be moving into and spend time with them to get them acclimatised to new smells and surroundings.

Make Trip Arrangements

If your pet will be traveling on an airline or internationally be familiar with your nominated airlines pet policies and practices.

Air New Zealand is incredibly helpful with Pet Transport and the services they offer.   

Check boarding practices for pet owners, many airlines can be accommodating with you waiting with your pet until boarding.

Keep moving day calm

Before movers arrive, consider taking your pet to another familiar place or keep your pet in a calm area of the home that they are comfortable in and shut the door.

Or if you pet gets stressed by lack of routine consider booking them in a farm-stay such as Pets and Pets in Auckland or if you need your animal quarantined, Pet Haven Kennels in Mangatawhiri.

Plan ahead if driving and overnighting

If you’ll need to stay overnight in a place, use sites such as Pets can come too or the AA travel guide to find hotels that accept pets.

Also keep routines as close as possible, toilet, walk and feed them on their regular schedule.

Adjust at their pace

If you can, try and set up a space in the new home beforehand with everyday things: furniture, blankets and toys. 

It is not unusual for your animals to take a few days before they start eating and acting normally.

… most of all the familiar love and cuddles go a long way to settling you loved one.