Madonna, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson - Celebrity Storage Units Exposed


They have multi-millon dollar sprawling lavish Mansions with copious room to store their stuff, but celebrities still use storage space to store precious items to be safe while they travel the world playing at concerts and acting on film sets.

Celebrity storage unit contents have been exposed over the years with auctions after death or non-payment of units. Here are are few of the items exposed.


The queen Pop entrusted her assistant Melissa Crew to hire a storage unit on her behalf and when Crew defaulted Madonna's unit was auctioned off for a paltry $150. When the anonymous bidder got access he discovered a trove of personal photos, screenplays, photo negatives and a total of 17 diaries. The items quickly went up for auction of eBay but Madonna's lawyers convinced eBay that she was the rightful owner and the items were returned.


Paris hilton

The contents of Paris Hiltons storage unit made one action bidder a very happy man! The 6000-foot storage unit was sold at auction for $2,775 and its contents opened up a Pandora's box of steamy photos and videos (but not the famous sex tape) as well as bank statements and phone numbers which were then on-sold for $10 million to Bardia Persa. Persa then used the contents to create which charged a fee for those wanting to access Paris Hiltons secrets.


When Whitney defaulted on her storage unit payments - $200,000 of unpaid rent over 2 years - 400 items in her storage unit went up for auction. The items included one off evening dresses, bustiers and couture by Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. In addition there was a custom made Schimmel grand piano, alone valued at nearly $300,000.



All Burt Reynold's movie memorabilia was stored including items from "Deliverance" and a horse carriage built by Dolly Parton. There was so much stuff in his storage units that the winning bidders of the auction opened up a museum (now closed) in Florida.


The father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson had a storage unit with over 250 unreleased Michael Jackson recorded stored in it. The recordings haven't gone public to date, but they were done at a time when there was no recording contract with a specific company