Leaving Auckland a smart money move

julie johnson 514136 unsplash

Many of our customers on the move are leaving Auckland’s overpriced housing market and heading off to the regions for greener pastures.

So often at this time of the year we head off to the beach towns and to family farms and come back relaxed and happy, wishing this lifestyle could be an everyday reality. 

For some, it seems out of reach, but many of the people coming through our storage facilities are selling up their properties, now worth dollars beyond their wildest expectation when they first bought, cashing up and living the dream with cash to spare. 

So how are people doing it?

Job Creation

So many businesses are moving their factories and offices to the regions as well where staff are happier and less stressed and they still have access to the ports, particularly around Tauranga and surrounding cities, Napier is another hotspot.  Construction jobs are also on the rise in the regions with families and retirees buying up blocks to build their dream homes.  Next Magazine has a lovely story about how one person approached her employer to create a job within her company that would allow her to work remotely and still stay working with the company she loved.

Selling their house for the top price

Securing top dollar for your home has never been so important as it is when you are cashing up for a better lifestyle.  Forbes has some of the best tips we have seen including:

-          Clearing out the clutter and getting a storage unit

-          Fix everything

-          Be upfront about the potential shortcomings of your property

-          Get over your pride and price your property right

-          Make it experiential

-          Put on your PR hat and pitch it to the media

When you get there

People in the regions are so friendly!  Get out and introduce yourself, join the local clubs and volunteer groups and relax into your new lifestyle