Keeping your antiques and art safe in self storage

Art Antiques Investment Safe Storage Options

Whether your antiques and art are retained for precious memories or they are collectibles, when storing and transporting, you need to use extra caution to protect from damage and theft.


  • Aquire a valuation for any goods going into storage, you will be required by your storage company to purchase insurance while storing and may need to list some of these specific items on your insurance.
  • Clean and dry thoroughly, this prevents airborne dust particles and mildew from staining and damaging your antiques whilst in storage.
  • Treat each piece before storage e.g. for wooden antiques use a proper wood conditioner before storing to protect the integrity of the piece.
  • Remove any loose or fragile parts to be wrapped separately and tape mirrors and glass.
  • Only use acid-free paper when wrapping antique items
  • Use layers of acid-free paper between layers of clothing and linen and where possible do not fold.
  • Roll silverware individually in soft cotton clothes to protect from tarnishing.
  • Cover or wrap furniture in a protective layer and store each item separately.
  • After items have been wrapped put extra fragile items into crates for extra protection.
  • Remember you cannot go overboard with use of corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap or polystyrene peanuts to keep fragile items safe.
  • Label everything and indicate correct orientation (this way up arrows). 

Art Storage


  • Wrap every piece of art in acid-free polyester plastic specifically designed to store artwork. 
  • Avoid using bubble wrap as the first layer as it may leave marks on your artwork. 
  • Where possible use acid-free boxes specifically designed to store artwork. For expensive and fragile artwork it is worth the investment of custom built crates.
  • Label all items correctly and indicate orientation, this is critical as framed painting may otherwise become dislodged and damaged.



  • Choose a self storage facility that has individually alarmed units and pin code entry on security gates.
  • Spend the money on purchasing a heavy duty lock.
  • Ensure your insurance will fully cover your antiques and art while in insurance against theft, fire and flood damage.
  • If unsure how to look after any antique or art items pop into a local dealer such as Antiques Alley where they will be able to advise you on storage of each individual item.

 Lastly ... rest easy knowing you have done everything you can to keep your memories safe for future generations.