How to store your mattress

Mattress Storage

We see a lot of stuff to be stored from all over Auckland every day and the most treasured item has to be a person’s mattress. 

Whether it be old and saggy or a pristine dream mattress, people are attached to the comfort of their own bed and the dream like state it induces when we think of it.

Here are five tips to help you keep your mattress as you like it.

Keep your mattress flat

When your mattress is in storage it is important to simulate the natural position of a bed by laying the mattress flat at the top of your storage unit with no items resting on top.  If you store your mattress on its side for a long period of time the padding and coils can settle and the shape may not regain its original form

Don’t store stuff on top of your Mattress

Heavy boxes, TV’s and bikes all belong under your mattress.  Boxes stacked properly will give you a brilliant base for your mattress to be stacked to perfection.

Use a Mattress Cover

Ensure you have removed all of the bedding (no you can’t sleep in your storage unit, tempting as it is) and cover the mattress in a mattress cover secured with packing tape.  This prevents any dust and subsequent dust mites from embedding itself into the fibres of your mattress which happens even in the cleanest of storage units.

Use a truck

It is really important to cover you mattress BEFORE moving to protect it while it is being transported.  Use a flatbed truck wherever you can, during a short move it is fine on its side, but avoid wheverer possible tying down your mattress to the top of your car. 

Let it Breathe

When you take your mattress out of storage, if you have stored your mattress for a long time, before making it up, leave it to breathe for 24 hours and enjoy your sleep!