Houseplants to spark joy


Decluttering brings such a sense of satisfaction and peace. However, sometimes, the open space left can leave a sense of emptiness and the need for a final touch to our home. The joy and wellbeing benefits indoor plants can add to our living spaces are immeasurable.

Not all of us have a green thumb, so what will thrive in the New Zealand climate that will bring a sense of warmth and happiness?

Tallulah the Caravan is always a great place to start for inspiration. West Auckland based Studiobloom owner Yvonne Reid has one of the most beautifully curated collections of indoor plants that we have seen.

Commonly called Mother-in-law's tongue, Snake Plant or Vipers Bowstring Hem, Sansevieria trifasciata is one of the hardiest indoor plants that can tolerate a lot of neglect. When stressed, this plant grows the most glorious flower, but you can wait years before you see it. We only found this out when we mistreated our Sansevieria trifasciata, and in return, it gave us the gift of a flower. A natural air cleaner, a Nasa Clean Air Study found that this was one of the most efficient plants at removing toxins from rooms.

Phalaenopsis Blume or Moth Orchid is one of the best value for money orchids. They bloom for a very long time and are fantastic in the bathroom as they love humidity. They are relatively hardy as long as you don't give them too much light and will give you weeks of pleasure.

Philodendrons are vast and leafy, immediately lending impact and nature to a room. Meaning' love-tree or affection-tree" they fulfil their name.

Peace Lily's are one of the popular houseplants with good reason. Graceful and gently textured they are another natural detoxifier they keep your air clean and are beautiful to have around. They also grow well in little light with their bright white flowers bringing purity to space.

Pinterest has some brilliant inspiration for decorating your interiors with houseplants and bringing nature indoors. Now spring is upon us; it is an excellent time to fresh up your space.