Heather Du Plessis-Allan would require photo ID at a self storage facility

Heather Du Plessis Allen Gun TV3

Have you ever wondered why Self Storage facilities require photo ID?  The good storage facilities have more rigorous approvals than TV3 reporters buying Guns online from Gun City.


First we need to define photo ID, self storage facilities only (or should only) accept a passport or drivers license.  Because this is government issued through rigorous processes this means the facility can be certain that the person storing is who they say they are. 

 This is in place for the protection of both storage facilities and other customers.  Without viewing and copying photo ID’s many less than thorough storage facilities end up with customer that cause problems such as

  • Using a false name to store stolen or illegal goods
  • Using a false name to manufacture drugs in the facility putting the facility and other customers goods at risk
  • They may use a false name in order to dump goods that are expensive to dispose of such as tyres, resulting in increased costs for facility owners which are then passed onto other customers as the overheads increase.
  • There is a high correlation between customers who store without government issued ID and those who default on their storage accounts.

So if a customer can not provide ID or if you are a customer whose facility does not ask for government approved ID, the best outcome for either situation is to run a country mile and avoid potential problems.