Four ways self storage can help over Christmas Holidays

andrew neel xjB7du 4kQQ unsplash

It is less than a month to go until Christmas, and with the stunning weather forecast ahead, chances are you are going to be doing quite a bit of socialising and travelling over the next couple of month. There are all sorts of things that can make the holidays more relaxing and we have some ideas to help you out.


Thinking about the safety of your home before you go away can make for better peace of mind on holiday. You probably have all your jewellery and small valuables safe already. Still, for the larger items that have financial and sentimental value, I always put them in a secure self-storage unit


It's your turn to have the family come to you, or if you are like us and live in a tourist spot, your house becomes filled regardless with friends and family over the summer period. All of this is great until you realise your space is limited. Over the summer, we see a lot of families utilising storage units as an easy solution to create space by temporarily storing excess items and decrease clutter.


If unlike me, you are an organised and smart shopper, you won't go frantically rushing around on Christmas Eve for all of your gifts. You start a little early, but that ultimately means a higher chance of getting caught. That is where Elf Storage for sneaky kids, or accidental exposure can remove the threat of ruining your secret Santa surprise. That's not a problem if you rent a self-storage unit to hide your gifts until the big day, check out unit sizes for what you may need to keep those secrets safe.


Once the holidays are over, you quickly realised you just about doubled in items around your home. More toys, new television, and all those gift cards that will buy even more are starting to clutter your home. Remember that storage unit you got for safe travels, family visits and sneaky Santa? Well, it's still there, and it's even more valuable than ever. Once everything normalises again, you can head to your unit and figure out precisely what you want to keep and what will go up on TradeMe! And in the meantime, you're still clutter-free.

So what you are waiting for. Make it much merrier this year with a storage unit. After all, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving space!