Climate change, should the kids be the ones to protest

Clean Green Cleaning

Climate change.  Whether you are on the side of the science or disagree that the world has an issue, there is no disagreement that the human race is having an impact on the planet and something needs to be done to better it.  Encouraging kids to have a healthy debate about climate change and how to counter it is a great learning experience, the question is whether it is best done in the classroom or a public space.  

So what can we do to support the next generation? As we have become aware of the environments impacts and the health of our children more and more people are trending this way. However many people aren't going to change their habits just to save the environment, we need to see the cost benefits too.


Save your lungs and some rain forests long term and buy furniture that is second hand, antique or made from recycled materials. You also get the added bonus of statement pieces at cheap prices. Or pop some of your furniture in storage and rotate it for different looks.


Switching to green cleaners reduces chemicals in the air and contributes to better control for asthma and allergy sufferers. Keep an eye out for plant-based products or even better make you own. Wendyl Nissen has a great book out on homemade cleaning recipes.


My favourite - Meat Free Mondays. It is time to get creative in the kitchen, be kind to your health and the environment. Adding one meat free meal a week for a family of four has the same environmental impact as changing to driving a hybrid car. Jamie Oliver has a wealth of recipes on his site for inspiration. Paul McCartney has a website and book dedicated to this as well.


Most of our heat is lost through the walls and the ceiling. As heat rises we watch our dollars do a slow drift into the sky. Where ever possible use natural or recycled material, Energywise can also help in in some cases with funding for insulation in older home, but generally you can recoup the cost of insulation within two to three years, sooner if you calculate the health benefits too! Draft guards on doors and window also work a treat.


Check those power plugs. Any household item that is plugged into an outlet is using energy even if the item is not on. Hang the washing out, put times on those heaters and replace bulbs with LED's. For an even better eco solution, put solar panels in, I shaved a good couple of hundred dollars a month off my power bill when I installed solar panels and haven't regretted it for a moment.

And last but not least, enjoy all your cost savings!