Bubble Wrap - Can you store without it?

bubble wrap and its benefits 600x442

Ever since I was a kid I have loved bubble wrap!  Don't you think there is something so satisfying about popping every last bubble in the wrap sheet?  

If you are going to be storing valuables away, un-popped bubble wrap is going to play a big part in protecting your goods during the move from your home or business into storage.  

Bubble wrap is inexpensive and has huge advantages over using paper.  Because it provides good protection, less packing material is needed which lowers overall costs and since it is light-weight if you are being charged on a weight delivery fee, it will decrease your costs.  It is also reusable and recyclable which has benefits over using polystyrene alternatives.  

Many different sizes are easily purchased from your self storage retailer, ensuring you get just the right amount for your valuables in storage, with a bit left over for fun!