Brian's Story

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Brian used to worry about all the stuff he was surrounded by when his kids recently moved back from the UK.⁠

You see, his adult kids had left a long time ago and Brian and his wife downsized their five-bedroom house to a more manageable property to enjoy the freedom that only comes once the family have moved out!⁠

But life lately for all of us has taken some unexpected twists and turns and ex-pat Kiwis are returning home in droves. And when adult kids move back home ... all their stuff moves with them. ⁠

This is Brian's story "I love my kids dearly, but I was resenting them moving back home ... not because they were there, we are family, but because I felt my space was being invaded and the life I had created with my stuff was now chaotic and I was tripping over all the stuff I had rearranged to make room for everyone" ⁠

"I was spending my days unhappy about the situation until I realised it was holding me back from enjoying my life with my adult kids I had missed so desperately when they were overseas".⁠

"It was at that point, I made the decision to de-clutter the stuff I didn't need every day and move it into self-storage".⁠

"Now my relationship with my kids is better and we have time together that is meaningful".⁠

Is there something you need to let go of?