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Beachfront Waiheke

With thousands of bach owners caught up in a property investor crackdown (, it is a great time to think about how best to make more money out of your bach, crib or holiday home to cover those additional taxes so you don't lose out. Great places to start advertising if you are new to the game are Airbnb, bookabach and holiday houses.


To make the most out of your rental, stage it just like your would for an open home and create a space that is attractive to renters, easy to clean and a space that they would be likely to recommend to other holiday goers.

Beachfront Bach

Photographing the space

First do a huge spring clean and schedule a big clean on a six monthly basis, be aware that everything shows up on photos, especially when taking shots on a sunny day.
De-clutter, remove all personal items and anything that that may clutter the shot such as paperwork and excess items in kitchens and bathrooms.

Then stage your furniture to make the best possible use of the space and to make the rooms look as large and inviting as possible. If you are unsure, enlist the help of a professional or a friend or family member whose house you admire.

When taking the shots, be very aware of lighting,the time of day and the position of the shot. Avoid photos with direct sunlight behind images and play around with camera angles to properly show off the dimensions of the room.

Take outside shots and just like the inside, clean and tidy first and make the areas look attractive to potential renters. Include photographs of key amenities such as pools, BBQ areas and outside showers.

Remember, the more photos the better, renters want to see the space they are going to be paying you top dollar for and the more photos you have the more they will trust you as a landlord.

Rental Photography

Your first holiday guest is about to turn up - now what?

  • Staging - do your photographs reflect your property. You staged for your photos, now stage for your guest.
  • Make sure the areas are spotlessly clean, the majority of guests will leave online reviews and you want to ensure your rental is as clean as promised.
  • Does the space feel like it is theirs for the time they are there, or did you go and put everything back after staging for the photos and they are walking into someones space? If the latter is the case, hire a STORAGE UNIT or have a locked garage set aside to store all personal and unnecessary items while your property is up for rental. Doing this also minimises damage.
  • Remember the basics - clean sheets, properly made beds, fresh towels, kitchen basics and a manual of how things work, recommended eateries and cool things to do in the area.


Follow these basics and the money will flow, leaving you more time to holiday yourself!