You wouldn’t think of leaving your valuables uninsured at home or in your business, so it makes sense that the same applies to goods in storage.

Even with SpaceMax Self Storage's enviable record of safety and security, accidents can occur for reason’s beyond anyone’s control. Fire, theft and damage can happen in your home, they can happen in storage also.

For this reason, we it is our policy that you organise insurance. If your property is worth storing, it’s worth insuring.


SpaceMax Self Storage insures their sites, but not your goods. The items you place in storage are your sole responsibility and should always be insured.  Your home and contents insurance does not normally cover goods in storage and is often expensive to extend.  

You can access an insurance benefit we have available for our customers under an insurance policy entered into with our insurers.  We can arrange insurance against fire, explosion, earthquake, wind storm and water damage and leakage, impact by vehicles or aircraft, malicious damage, riots and civil commotions, theft (subject to CCTV footage of forced entry).

Your goods will be insured for Indemnity Value.  This means the value is the replacement cost less an assessed allowance for condition, age, wear and tear.

The standard policy enables cover up to at $60,000 loss. If you need additional cover, this can be arranged on request.

To understand exclusions, please read the master insurance policy document here 


Simply or select the level of cover required, read, fill in and tick to accept the product disclosure statement during the online booking process and you are covered, or come into the store or call us, and one of our storage experts can guide you through the process

You can find a copy of our master insurance policy here 


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