The four D's Greg's story

matthew hamilton twWIq9MxPRg unsplash

Never before have we seen so many people moving, changing their lives because of death and divorce.  The stories arising have resulted not because of everyday circumstance, but because of a pandemic and resulting economic crisis being firmly placed on our doorstep. 

With expats moving back home, people are storing to make room for adult children because of a shortage in the housing market; customers are selling their homes only to find there is no new home to buy; customers moving into retirement homes to make way for adult children to have a home to live.

We have noticed during this pandemic though more D’s arising in the mix.  Density and downsizing are two positive reasons we are seeing people use storage. People are moving from a large house to a small apartment or retirement complex, our expats returning home and being back with family.

It is not always the D’s that people use storage for.

We also see wonderful life events people getting married or taking a job in a different city, businesses growing so fast they need storage for their stock.

We welcomed a new customer into Spacemax last week.  Greg and his young family went down to one income during the first lockdown.  His wife was one of the casualties of the job losses in the travel industry.  The cost of living in Auckland on one income got too much and after a few feelers were put out, Greg got offered a job out of Auckland on a higher income, he was closer to home and had the ski-fields on his doorstep.  Needless to say, they are storing with Spacemax until they find a new house to buy.  The story has a heartwarming end, Greg is spending more time than ever before with his family, the commute is five minutes and they are closer to his wife’s family.  Before the pandemic, they had never even considered moving out of Auckland, now they are wondering why they didn’t do it sooner.

We are here to listen.  We know your reasons for storing may have changed, and your vision may not be the one you anticipated a year ago.  But your stories good or devastating need to be told, need to be listened to, and we are here to listen and help you regardless of the particular reason.