How do we manage our anxiety around the Holiday Season?

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How do we manage our anxiety around the Holiday Season?


This is an important question that I know many of you have talking about with us when moving into storage ...


Today, we will be addressing it once and for all!


The Answer: Stop giving energy to what we cannot control and focus on what we can.


I remember even as a young child I was a master hide and seek player, I would look in all the really un-obvious nooks and crannies searching for an elusive hiding spot. In the top of my Mum's wardrobe was a secret hiding hole she had no idea I knew about.  I would get the Sawhorse I used to divide my room from my sister's side, clamber onto the wardrobe bar, monkey myself on to the shelf, knock everything precious off the shelf in my haste and then unwrap the presents (even if they weren't mine) to discover hidden treasures inside.


We can't control our children and their overactive minds and grandiose plans to find those presents, but we can find better hiding spots.


What’s The Truth?


Here’s the truth…does it really matter that your kids are intent on ruining their surprise on Christmas day or can we celebrate their imagination and curiosity.


Here’s What To Do Next.


I recommend… finding a really great hiding place.  So many of our customers use their storage units specifically to hide presents from loved ones.  You hold the gate code, you hold the key and we have CCTV cameras to catch master hide and seek players.


And for more ways, self-storage can help you manage your anxiety over the Christmas period read more here.


Signing off,

Chanelle Starling

Store Manager