Expressing Holiday Gratitude

jakob owens mpnqu9o4b9w unsplash 1

Grateful for so many reasons we are seeing the kindness we’re all showing one another and it warms our heart.
We are watching us all navigate something we don’t know but pull together.
Today we witnessed that kindness as a wonderful customer bought in a Cheesecake for the team to thank them for the work they had done. Our team was touched with the act of kindness.  Taking care with customers goods, loading them carefully from the removal truck to the storage unit is part of the everyday work we do and our team takes pride in their job without expecting thanks.  Having that acknowledgement really made their day.
Kindness comes in many forms and as we lead up to the celebration of Christmas we will see families and friends being brought together to feast, laugh and socialise.  But more importantly, this year more than any other we have known, this will be the perfect time to think about and honour the people and events that have a meaningful, positive impact on our lives.  It will be a time to be grateful for our good fortune to be living in one of the safest countries in the world and express gratitude to our loved ones.  
It will be time this year to look after the people displaced by border closures, time to hold people tight who have lost loved ones, or whose loved ones are in another country unable to visit and the small acts of kindness we can give each other with make this holiday season special.
We would love you to share with us the many reasons you have to be thankful this year.