Buying a house ... our hit and miss list.

wynand van poortvliet jmagbo2dnk unsplash 1

Do you know what we love?

Reading the list of 'real estate for sale' in the Weekend Herald. We don't have a 'hot or not' list but we do have a Hitlist and Miss List!

Here's what's on it.

-       Easy access up a driveway (Hit – great for our moving teams)

-       Privacy (Hit)

-       Insulation (Hit)

-       Obvious Mould (Miss)

-       Room for a garden (Hit)

-       Close to the beach (Hit)

-       Needs Renovation (Hit and Miss depending on which team member you are talking with at Spacemax)

-       Alarm System (Hit)

-       Garage (Hit)

-       Leaking (Miss)

-       Extra Storage (Hit)

Write a few things you hate and a few things you LOVE