Which is the best lock to use when securing my self storage unit?

disc padlock. heavy duty 80mm stainless steel disc lock padlock

You have done the research, the storage facility is chosen, you looked for all the things that mattered to keep your property safe and secure - individually alarmed units, CCTV...

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How self storage in Auckland can benefit small business

Business Storage Solutions

For the small business owner 'small' can be a funny term! You may only employ a few staff but the ever increasing amount of stuff that needs to be dealt...

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Keeping your antiques and art safe in self storage

Art Antiques Investment Safe Storage Options

Whether your antiques and art are retained for precious memories or they are collectibles, when storing and transporting, you need to use extra caution to protect from damage and theft.

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Vehicle storage - keeping your car safe and secure in storage

Car Storage

Trains, Planes and Automobiles .. The quarter acre dream has passed, garages are often non-existent and you have run out of room for your polished piece of joy.

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Protecting your precious items in storage


It is moving day! Your stuff is packed, your boxes are labelled beautifully and of course colour coded and the storage unit has been rented.

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Madonna, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson - Celebrity Storage Units Exposed


They have multi-millon dollar sprawling lavish Mansions with copious room to store their stuff, but celebrities still use storage space to store precious items to be safe while they travel...

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The kids have moved out, what do you do with their stuff?

Messy Kids Rooms

Have your kids moved out and left chaos in their rooms resembling World War Three? The experts would say that by leaving everything behind the kids are communicating that the...

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Don’t turn Inside Out, things to do in Auckland during the School Holidays

JuniorKeeper aucklandzoo co nz

It is July in Auckland, what some would say is the most beautiful month of the year in the best city in the world.

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Could you put a Property Price on these Weird and Wonderful homes of NZ?

Post Office Home

When the mood kicks in it is always great to escape out of Auckland and do a road trip.

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Your own Princess Charlotte on the way? Tips to create space for a new addition to the family.

Princess Charlotte

With another baby on the way, the excitement has started to give way to the reality of creating space for another little bundle of joy.

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