New Years Eve

Has New Years Eve snuck up on you and you are looking for something fun to do to bring the New Year in?  West Auckland has a wide range of...

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West Auckland author brings bawdy merriment to Christmas Songs, perfect present!

Jane Stephens

Some of these songs had us with tears pouring down our face in laughter here today.  

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Relocating to a new city or country?


Relocating can be stressful, particularly if you are moving out of your current city or moving to a different country.  There are a few tips and tricks we have picked...

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How do you unload a pallet?

Unloading a Pallet

Are you a new business owner with limited room and about to have your first stock shipment arrive?  Or is your business home based and you are worried about the...

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Advertise your house, not the agent

sell a house today

 Reading the news this morning, we saw an article so full of great advice we just had post a summary .  All credits for content in this blog go to...

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Hat Storage Solutions

Emily Hunter

The Melbourne Cup threw up some suprises this year!  Michelle Payne made history being the first female jockey winner to ever win the cup.

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Heather Du Plessis-Allan would require photo ID at a self storage facility

Heather Du Plessis Allen Gun TV3

Have you ever wondered why Self Storage facilities require photo ID?  The good storage facilities have more rigorous approvals than TV3 reporters buying Guns online from Gun City.

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First time home buyer? Your step by step guide

first home buyers

We are grateful to have a number of strong relationships with local real estate agents and the wonderful Warren Bexley at Barfoot and Thompson, Westharbour has just been kind enough...

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Are pop ups and shared space the best route to starting a new business?

Pop up businesses

Just like the Jack-in-the-box you used to play with, entrepreneurs starting new businesses are popping up all over the place as well. 

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Why do we hang onto clothes?

Do I want to clear out my wardrobe

When you open up a woman’s wardrobe, it normally has two parts, clothes that are worn and clothes that remain unworn.  We seem to hang on to these clothes, ever...

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