Wanting top dollar? Serve up a delicious open home

Self Storage Platter

While serving a spread might not help you sell the worst house in the best street, the promise of good food can attract more buyers and real estate agents.

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Easter Eggs, Easter Chicks and Easter Baskets

Easter is just around the corner and we have rounded up some fantastic crafts you and the kids can do together over the weekends.  

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Transforming under stair spaces

Cubby Holes

A great photo popped up on one of my favourite Instagram feeds – Donnell day architecture - the other day and got me thinking.  The space under the stairs is...

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Is another Tropical Storm on the way?

Tropical Storm

There is another heavy rain warning in place. Are you ready if another tropical storm hits?  Every year New Zealand seems to be encountering more and more tropical storms.  During...

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Earthquakes, when disaster strikes are you ready?

Earthquake Kaikoura

Disasters strike, often without warning and having a prior plan in place gives you the ability to react quickly and minimise stress and damage.

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The best ever playlist when you are moving and packing

Even the most organised and motivated of us often need that little extra boost when it comes to packing, moving and storage.

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How to import sea containers

Importing Sea Containers

One of the most common questions both our business customers and people relocating back from overseas ask is “how do I import a sea container?”.

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Rio Olympics, how to create your own games with your used moving boxes

Backyard Olympics


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What you need to know about Air BnB guests

airbnbblog 2

Many New Zealanders are taking the leap and inviting guests into their home sight unseen.  A recent NZ Herald piece on AirBnB life-stylers highlighted just how common this has become.

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Moving with Pets?

Moving Pets

Moving houses doesn’t just affect people, it can have a major impact on our four-legged furry friends as well. 

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