How to store your mattress

Mattress Storage

We see a lot of stuff to be stored from all over Auckland every day and the most treasured item has to be a person’s mattress. 

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This is what you can do with a loved ones belongings when they pass

noah silliman 191609

Every day in storage we encounter people needing to let go of sentimental items or possessions.  This task is hard at the best of times, but when the letting go...

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This is the alternative to paying for a retail space

yanko peyankov 58459

Five reasons why the retail alternatives can make you more money right now.  

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This will make you want to start a new business

Small Business Start Up

Is your house like so many others that are running small business operations from their homes?  Is every spare table, and room covered with paperwork and orders and stacked high...

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How to choose a property lawyer

Spacemax Self Storage Property Lawyer

When purchasing a home or commercial property, it's a good idea to involve the services of a property lawyer.

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Why you need to inventory homes and storage units

Home Inventory Icon Large

Are you moving house? Renting a storage unit for home or business?  Then you need to know this about creating an inventory. 

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Wanting top dollar? Serve up a delicious open home

Self Storage Platter

While serving a spread might not help you sell the worst house in the best street, the promise of good food can attract more buyers and real estate agents.

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Easter Eggs, Easter Chicks and Easter Baskets

Easter is just around the corner and we have rounded up some fantastic crafts you and the kids can do together over the weekends.  

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Transforming under stair spaces

Cubby Holes

A great photo popped up on one of my favourite Instagram feeds – Donnell day architecture - the other day and got me thinking.  The space under the stairs is...

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Is another Tropical Storm on the way?

Tropical Storm

There is another heavy rain warning in place. Are you ready if another tropical storm hits?  Every year New Zealand seems to be encountering more and more tropical storms.  During...

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