Brian's Story

Business Storage Units

Brian used to worry about all the stuff he was surrounded by when his kids recently moved back from the UK.⁠⁠You see, his adult kids had left a long time...

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Four ways self storage can help over Christmas Holidays

andrew neel xjB7du 4kQQ unsplash

It is less than a month to go until Christmas, and with the stunning weather forecast ahead, chances are you are going to be doing quite a bit of socialising...

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Houseplants to spark joy


Decluttering brings such a sense of satisfaction and peace. However, sometimes, the open space left can leave a sense of emptiness and the need for a final touch to our home.

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How to properly pack a moving box


We have insurance for a good reason when using moving and storage but many insurance claims can easily be avoided by following these steps when packing your boxes.

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How to create space in a small bedroom

Small Bedroom Design

Renovation costs in Auckland are rising, and rooms in living spaces are getting smaller, so we need to be creative as we move into smaller areas to accommodate our stuff.

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How to effectively pack a storage unit

Internal Storage Units Henderson

When we pack a storage unit, I think of it like packing a moving truck. The main aim is to utilise the maximum available space and keep possessions damage free.

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Climate change, should the kids be the ones to protest

Clean Green Cleaning

Climate change.  Whether you are on the side of the science or disagree that the world has an issue, there is no disagreement that the human race is having an...

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What could Steve Irwin have put in a storage unit?

Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter

We see some weird and fascinating stuff coming through our storage facilities.  Today marks the death of Steve Irwin with a Google doodle being created to honour his life and...

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Are the baby boomers causing the housing shortage?

Auckland Housing

A super interesting article was written in the New Zealand Herald this morning in conjunction with the Washington Post.

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