Boxes and Packing Material

Boxes, packing and moving material

Come and see us for all your boxes, packing and moving materials.

We stock everything you need for your move. From boxes to bubble wrap, furniture covers to vacuum bags, we have it all.  


make it easy - buy a specialist moving pack



15 x Tea Chest Boxes
15 x Half Tea Chest Boxes
5 x Crystal Boxes
1 x Port-a-robe
2 x Vacuum Pack Bags
4 x Flat Pack Boxes
2 x Archive Boxes
1 x Packing Paper
1 x 5m Bubble wrap
3 x Packing Tape

Medium pack $170 (2 bedroom house)
10 x Tea Chest Boxes
10 x Half Tea Chests
5 x Crystal Box
1 x Port-a-robe
2 x Vacuum Pack Bags
2 x Flat Pack
2 x Archive Box
2 x Packing Tape



Furniture Covers and Padlocks